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This stunning garment, the official European Ford Team “Blue Jacket,” began as a mystery. While researching the Wimbledon White Shelby American Team Jacket, the Original Venice Crew found a photograph of a similar one from the era, but in Guardsman Blue.

We spoke with Shelby American designer Peter Brock about the discovery. He did not have anything to do with it but saw them worn by Ford of Europe team members at the European races.

Dave Friedman, the official Shelby Team photographer, confirmed that the Europeans liked the Wimbledon White jackets, but did not like that it would show stains and get dirty. As a result, the European racing team made their own version of the Shelby American jacket in Guardsman Blue. Worn by legends like Chris Amon and Bruce McLaren (seen here at the 1966 Le Mans race they won), none of the original European Team blue jackets are known to have survived.

The Original Venice Crew decided to make continuation European Ford Team Jackets in the same style and type as the White Team Jacket. It has the distinctive original tight diamond quilting, the same zippers and pockets and the Ford and Shelby logos in the same location as the White jacket. The European jackets are identical in every manner except the colors are changed for the sleeve stripes.