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Ford v. Ferrari Carroll Shelby Crew Jacket - White with Blue Stripes

Image of Ford v. Ferrari Carroll Shelby Crew Jacket - White with Blue Stripes

In 1965, the Shelby American team wore a stunning jacket that commemorated the partnership between Ford Motor Company and Shelby American to race in the FIA World Championship Series for Sports Cars. It was the envy of both those who followed racing and people who appreciated a stylish garment. This authentic recreation continuation jacket from the Original Venice Crew is patterned after a Shelby team driver’s personal jacket and handmade in Los Angeles.

The OVC jacket was built to be true to the original in every detail. The jacket features a Wimbledon white quilted outer with a guardsman blue liner and arm stripes. The unique diamond quilting is to the exact dimension as the originals. The jacket includes a hood that hides beneath the collar just like the first run of 1965 jackets. The front zipper continues to be a strong steel closure from the same company that provided them in 1965. Patches are made to original specifications on 100% cotton twill.

The fit, finish and feel takes you back to the winning ways of Ford and the Shelby American Race Team at Sebring, Daytona and the great wins at Le Mans. It is truly a Team Jacket for Champions.